%id Code Chains Pic Error? Sym Nsub Sprot Weight Ref H E R Org Fun
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Protein reference

Code Pic Error? Sym1 Nsub1 Sym2 Nsub2 Error_auto? Sym_auto Nsub_auto SProt Weight Ref H E R Org Fun
3eed_2? C24??- --P67870193PHERHomo sapiensTRANSFERASE


%id Code Chains Pic Error? Sym1 Nsub1 Sym2 Nsub2 Error_auto Sym_auto Nsub_auto SProt Weight Ref H E R Org Fun
1001jwh_1A & DPROBNOT C24C24? P68400276PHERHomo sapiensTRANSFERASE
1001rqf_1A & B? C22??? P28021188PHERXenopus laevisTRANSFERASE
1001rqf_2A & D? C22??? P28021189PHERXenopus laevisTRANSFERASE
1001rqf_3A & H? C22??? P28021184PHERXenopus laevisTRANSFERASE
1001rqf_4A & J? C22??? P28021187PHERXenopus laevisTRANSFERASE
1002r6m_1A & B? C22??? P67874215PHERRattus norvegicusMETAL BINDING PROTEIN
1003eed_1A & B? C22??? P67870193PHERHomo sapiensTRANSFERASE
1004dgl_1A & APROBNOT C24C24? P67870275PHERHomo sapiensTRANSFERASE
1004md7_1A & B? C24??? P67870303PHERHomo sapiensTRANSFERASE
1004md7_2A & DPROBNOT C24C24? P67870303PHERHomo sapiensTRANSFERASE
1004md8_1A & A? C24??? P67870303PHERHomo sapiensTRANSFERASE
1004md8_2A & CPROBNOT C24C24? P67870303PHERHomo sapiensTRANSFERASE
1004md9_1A & APROBNOT C24C24? P67870275PHERHomo sapiensTRANSFERASE
1004md9_2A & D? C24??? P67870275PHERHomo sapiensTRANSFERASE
1004md9_3A & O? C24??? P67870275PHERHomo sapiensTRANSFERASE
1004md9_4A & IPROBNOT C24C24? P67870275PHERHomo sapiensTRANSFERASE
994nh1_1A & CPROBNOT C24C24? P68400275PHERHomo sapienstransferase
951qf8_1A & B? C22??? P67870182PHERHomo sapiensTRANSFERASE