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Protein reference

Code Pic Error? Sym1 Nsub1 Sym2 Nsub2 Error_auto? Sym_auto Nsub_auto SProt Weight Ref H E R Org Fun


%id Code Chains Pic Error? Sym1 Nsub1 Sym2 Nsub2 Error_auto Sym_auto Nsub_auto SProt Weight Ref H E R Org Fun
323k51_1B & F? C36??? O95150PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM
323mhd_1B & D? NPS1??? O95407PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM
323mi8_1B & C? C36??? O95150PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM
324j6g_1B & L? D312??? O43557PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM
324j6g_2B & C? C36??? O43557PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM
324j6g_3B & C? C36??? O43557PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM
324kgg_1B & F? D312??? O43557PHERHomo sapiensCytokine/Signaling Protein
324kgg_2B & C? C36??? O43557PHERHomo sapiensCytokine/Signaling Protein
324kgg_3B & A? C36??? O43557PHERHomo sapiensCytokine/Signaling Protein
324kgq_1B & C? D312??? O43557PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM
324msv_1B & C? C36??? P48023PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM
303me2_1B & R? C36??? O35235PHERMus musculusCYTOKINE/CYTOKINE RECEPTOR
303me4_1B & A? C22??? O35305PHERMus musculusSIGNALING PROTEIN
303qbq_1B & D? C36??? O35235PHERMus musculusCYTOKINE/CYTOKINE RECEPTOR
303qbq_2B & B? C36??? O35235PHERMus musculusCYTOKINE/CYTOKINE RECEPTOR
303qd6_1B & S? NPS5??? P29965PHERHomo sapiensCYTOKINE/CYTOKINE RECEPTOR
303qd6_2B & T? NPS5??? P29965PHERHomo sapiensCYTOKINE/CYTOKINE RECEPTOR
304giq_1B & E? C36??? O35235PHERMus musculusPROTEIN BINDING/PROTEIN BINDING
294fhq_1B & A? NPS1??? Q92956PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM
294rsu_1B & L? C212??? O43557PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM
294rsu_2B & E? C36??? O43557PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM
294rsu_3B & L? C36??? O43557PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM
281jma_1B & B? NPS2??? Q92956PHERHuman herpesvirus 1Viral protein
282aw2_1B & B? NPS2??? Q7Z6A9PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM
282aw2_2B & Y? NPS2??? Q7Z6A9PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM
282aw2_3B & Y? C24??? Q7Z6A9PHERHomo sapiensIMMUNE SYSTEM