%id Code Chains Pic Error? Sym Nsub Sprot Weight Ref H E R Org Fun
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Protein reference

Code Pic Error? Sym1 Nsub1 Sym2 Nsub2 Error_auto? Sym_auto Nsub_auto SProt Weight Ref H E R Org Fun
1lv0_1? NPS1??- --P21856PHERBos taurusSIGNALING PROTEIN


%id Code Chains Pic Error? Sym1 Nsub1 Sym2 Nsub2 Error_auto Sym_auto Nsub_auto SProt Weight Ref H E R Org Fun
1001gnd_1A & A? NPS1??? P21856PHERBos taurusGTPASE ACTIVATION
991d5t_1A & A? NPS1??? P21856PHERBos taurusHYDROLASE INHIBITOR
541ukv_1A & G? NPS2??? P39958PHERSaccharomyces cerevisiaePROTEIN TRANSPORT
542bcg_1A & G? NPS2??? P39958PHERSaccharomyces cerevisiaeProtein Transport
543cph_1A & G? NPS2??? P07560PHERSaccharomyces cerevisiaePROTEIN TRANSPORT
543cph_2A & H? NPS1??? P07560PHERSaccharomyces cerevisiaePROTEIN TRANSPORT
543cpi_1A & G? NPS1??? P39958PHERSaccharomyces cerevisiaePROTEIN TRANSPORT
543cpi_2A & H? NPS1??? P39958PHERSaccharomyces cerevisiaePROTEIN TRANSPORT
543cpj_1A & G? NPS2??? P38555PHERSaccharomyces cerevisiaePROTEIN TRANSPORT
513p1w_1A & A? NPS1??? Q8I501PHERPlasmodium falciparum 3D7PROTEIN TRANSPORT